About HeyTalk
HeyTalk a way to bond, it is a great interface to make friends whether it's a meet, a Date, a business meeting or a party we hope to give you an open space for group conversations or individual conversations where everyone comes together find your support and get going no matter where you are, connect with your friends in your area our aim is to help you to connect with the people.

Why choose us:

No in app purchases free platform to interact and meet new people on group, connect with your family and friends and get going many communities to join and events.

How HeyTalk works.

1. connect with people in your area through our user friendly experience through HeyTalk.
2. Our system randomly connects with the users in the area.
Talk to only real registered user ID's which are linked with HeyTalk
3. Our high end tools verifies the account and blocks the fake account as when needed.
4. connect with friends through video call, text or messenger.
5. Share your ideas and culture through feeds and explore the different regions by following different communities, pages etc.