That is perfectly fine as we all deal with self-isolation

That is perfectly fine as we all deal with self-isolation

Once you've met all these conditions, your store should upgrade on its own following the necessary period has passed. We're not certain if Animal Crossing New Horizons Bells future upgrades will have precisely the very same steps or not, but it appears Nintendo packed more waiting into New Horizons. That is perfectly fine as we all deal with self-isolation.

Animal Crossing: New Horizons - What's The Deal With Gulliver's Shipmates?

That is Gulliver, the sea-faring seagull that, despite being a seasoned ship captain, appears to drop overboard rather frequently. You'd think by now an old sea dog - or bird in this case - would be much better at not tumbling into the sea and almost drowning. Unless it is not actually his fault.

Gulliver has been part of the Animal Crossing games since the beginning of the set. He normally washes up on beaches and asks for the player's assistance in return to his ship. He then sends an item such as a wonderful piece of furniture for a reward for assisting him. In New Horizons, every time he winds up on your island he lets you know that he should be able to contact his crew with his communicator. Except the communicator's parts have been buried and broken along the beach. This occurs every time you find him.

How can this exact same scenario keep occurring? If it just happened once that could be bizarre enough, but you will find Gulliver lying face down in the sand a few times and you'll need to keep digging up his communicator. It happens so regularly that he may even whine to Isabelle about the island's lack of infrastructure! You'd assume that because this seems to happen on a daily basis that his ship would have a life preserver handy for when he drops and his team would spare him. Unless of course, his crew doesn't wish to rescue him.

We've got a feeling that Gulliver's crew may not like him very much. In reality, they may even be actively attempting to get rid of him. If we proceed with the entirety of the Animal Crossing series, Gulliver has been a sailor of a form or another for more than 19 decades. That's an adequate number of seafaring experience. After running his own vessel and being outside on the open water for so long, there's simply no explanation for falling off of his boat, unless he is really a awful shipman (which to be fair, is very possible.)

Then there's the fact that his communicator is not simply broken but also buried. Sometimes the pieces are not even buried on precisely the same beach he washed up! How could they lose track of their captain so easily? The cheap Animal Crossing Bells solution is straightforward: mutiny. Maybe he is a terrible captain who's hard to work for. Maybe they are tired of his eccentric stories. Maybe they are just sick of hearing him always talk in his sleep. Regardless of the reason is, it looks like his shipmates are throwing him to the water.